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Krafne (dougnuts)
Note: a better version of this recipe is now available from ZeCook: Krafne

Warning: this recipe may take a bit more time and skill to make perfect krafne! It will take you about three to four hours to do them.

With this caveat let us start. Mix together half a cup (1dl) milk, 7 egg yolks, 5 tablespoons (5 dag) of sugar, salt, grated orange skin, one vanilla sugar. Mix it warm and pour gradually onto a pound (1/2 kg) of flour, add melted butter (1/4 pound or 4 dag), add the yeast and two tablespoons of rum. Work the mix very good with a wooden spoon, until the dough does not stick to the bowl and spoon any more. While hitting the dough with the spoon make sure the dough does not get raised to high to avoid getting too much air into the dough. Krafnes will get a whole in the middle and will be too dry. We cover the dough with a kitchen towel and let it raise.

We take the risen dough and put it on well floured top. Roll into a half inch thick roll and cut into 2 inch pieces. Take each piece of dough and put a spoon of marmalade on one half of the piece. Close the piece with the other half, flatten, and cut off the edges. Repeat with other pieces until you run out of dough. Leave on the pices on a well floured top, cover with kitchen towel and let raise.

While doughnut pieces rise, put oil in a pot two inches deep. Start with one doughnut to check out if the oil has the right temperature and that the dough has risen enough. If the conditions are right the dougnut will float in the middle. Close the lid. After the lower half gets golden brown, roll the doughnut over in oil and leave the lid open, until the other half becomes golden as well.

When done remove from oil and drain oil by putting the doughnut on a strainer. Serve while warm with some confection sugar on top. Remember that krafnes are never served on top of each other.